Thursday, May 8, 2014

State Life/Frequently Asked Questions
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State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan and Frequently Asked Questions.
Our many distinguished visitors have asked us to publish Frequently Asked Questions related with the life insurance policies of The State Life.Today we are publishing the same in URDU the national language of Pakistan.Urdu is a language which is spoken and understood in many parts of the world  likeNepal,Burma,Bangladesh,Afghanistan.Iran,turkey,India,European Union,Canada,Middle East and USA.Please continue reading and feel free to ask us any question.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

State Life/claims

State Life and the policy holders claims.
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let me first of all make it very clear That The Sate Life has no
hesitation in paying claims.No matter if it it is a death claim,injury claim or maturity claim.So please feel free and comfortable in contacting us.We have  created this blog to help our Pakistani citizens so that they can get necessary information right from the comfort of their homes.So please do not hesitate.Contact us and discus your problems.As we have stated many times earlier our this service is absolutely free.
Please help us in helping others


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We sell the unique and real benefits
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We sell what a life insurance policy 
can do for you and for your 
loved ones.
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Individual Life Claims

Procedure for Maturity Claims
Procedure for Death Claim
Procedure for Other Claims
Procedure for Loan against Insurance Policy
Procedure for Volunteer Policy Surrender
Procedure for Complaints against Insurance Policy