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State Life And The Wealth Builder Plan

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 State Life And The Wealth Builder Plan
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Pay in US Dollars and get in US Dollars.
To day we are introducing one such innovative and creative plan which is suitable for the large work force of expatriates in the Middle East. Yes today your life insurance analyst will comment on a special policy designed, cut and tailored for these people who go out of their countries in search of better employment opportunities. Please enjoy this article and make best use of the facilities provided by The State Life to protect and secure the prosperous future of your loved ones.
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 Let us first of all see the main features of this plan.
The main features of this plan are:
·        The premium paying period is only 7 years and the term of the policy has been fixed at 20 years.
It means that the policy holder only pays the premium for 7 years but remains insured for 20 years. And continues to participate in bonuses.
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Pay in US Dollars Get in US Dollars
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·        In the UAE the Wealth Builder Plan is available in two currencies.
UAE currency - 500 dirhams closeup note - csp4274019Loading...The US DOLLARS             Loading...The UAE DIRHAMS
Moving picture George Washington looking at you gif animation·       Loading... In Kuwait and Saudi Arabia it is available in US Dollars only.
·       Loading... When after first seven years the policy holder has paid seven premiums he stops paying further premiums (remember the term of the policy is 20 years) but he still remains INSURED and continues to participate in The State Life’s surplus and Loading...earn bonuses.Loading...
·        Loading...The death and maturity benefits will be payable in the currency in which he (The policy holder) has paid the premiums.
·      Loading...  If the policy holder remains in the Middle East or returns to his own country all the benefits will be payable in either US dollars or UAE Dirhams.(As the case may be)
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·       Loading... Only yearly mode of payment is available.
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Safe big and 
get even bigger.

Which is the safest mode of payment? Find out the right answer here.
·       Loading... No gender discrimination. The State life offers this plan to men and women equally.
·       Loading... Minimum age of entry is 20 years and the maximum age of entry is 55 years nearest birthday. The term of the policy is fixed at 20 years.
·        Loading...The Wealth Builder Plan is a with profit plan.It still continues to participate in the bonuses even when after 7 years the policy holder stops paying premiums for the next 13 years.
·        Loading...YES.The policy holders earn 2o years bonuses but pay premiums only for 7 years.
·       Loading... The rate of bonuses applicable will be the same as for Endowment Assurance for a term of 20 year.

One more WOW offer
The good news is that two Supplementary Contracts can also be attached with this “Wealth Builder Plan”
The Riders available are:
Moving hundred dollar bill flag animated gif·        Loading...Accidental Death Benefit
·        Loading...Term Insurance Rider
        The premium of the riders will also be paid for the first 7 years only. The protection would extend for entire term of the policy.(20 years)
Moving picture American dollar animated gifThe real secret of making this policy more valuable at a very low cost lies in these two supplementary contracts.
Loading...Surrender & Loan Value
The Wealth Builder Plan has surrender value and cash value. The cash surrender value is quoted on request of the policy holder.
·        Loading...Yes.A policy loan is available under the wealth Builder The rate of interest and other terms and conditions are determined by State Life at the time of granting of loan.
Moving picture flipping through pile of money animation·        Loading...Paid Up Values During the premium paying period of 7 years, the policyholder can convert this plan into a paid-up policy by making a written request. The conditions relating to paid-up conversions are that at least two full years' premiums must have been paid and no premium be in default.
·        Loading...The usual "Automatic Premium Loan" and "Automatic Paid-Up" options are also offered by the State Life  with this “Wealth Builder Plan”.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

State Life-Personal Pension Scheme

State Life And The Personal Pension Scheme
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza,your life insurance analyst has written many posts.His post abount Personal pension scheme is very popular.We have received many calls.The callers want to know more about this plan.In this post we will discuss the same plan in details.
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