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Learn the secrets and turn your life insurance policy into a very valuable asset.Do not forget to consult how you can make best use of your idle money in the bank?Risk free and GURANTEED by the tested and the trusted life insurance company of many happy policy holders of Pakistan.
State Life Insurance Corporation is very interested and keen in providing life insurance cover to the bread earner of each and every family provided he full fills the under writing requirements.State Life wants to provide Life Insurance cover to every family no matter if he is rich or poor.There is a misconception among the masses that
Life insurance is only for the rich people.Or state life only issues policies who have a lot of money.In fact it's not true.State Life has designed many different types of policies and every one can select some sort of a policy which full fills his needs.So do not be shy.Just give us a call or message us or even e.mail us and discuss how much insurance cover do you need and how much you can save and spend to pay the premiums each year.

Now the secrets how you can make your life insurance more valuable at a very low cost. 
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We have said this on many occasions that state life is very interested in providing life insurance cover to each and every family of Pakistan provided it full fills the requirements of Under writing.To enhance the cover at a low cost State Life has designed few additional contracts.These are called "Riders". When you sign the proposal form just ask State Life  life to attach allowable riders with it.These riders will  enhance coverage of your policy and will make it a very valuable asset.

These riders are of many types and each has it's own beauty and benefit.You may these riders with us and say YES to few of your choices.
few interesting riders are: 

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animated gif1.Accidental Indemnity benefits       (AIB)
animated gif2.Accidental Death benefits             (ADB)
animated gif3.Family Income Benefits                 (FIB)
animated gif4.Hospital and Surgical Benefits      (H&S) At present the scheme is limited to persons living in or near cities where Hospitals and doctors have been approved by State Life for hospitalization and medical examinations respectively.
animated gif5.Refund of Premium Rider             (RPR)
animated gif6.Term Insurance Rider                   (TIR)
There are few more very interesting riders.Ask them now.We are only few clicks away from you..Thanks                                                
State life has many special low cost life insurance  policies for you.

State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.
The tested,the trusted and the largest Life Insurance Company of Pakistan.
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