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State Life-and your questions/Ikram

The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan-it's creative and innovative products and your-questions.
If all the policies cut tailored and designed by The State Life are like a ring then the "Jeevan Sathii Assurance Plan "is like a gem in the ring. ہمارا امتیاز ، بہترین سروس ہر وقت ہر جگہ

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We have created this blog with a particular purpose.We are committed to offer life insurance on a massive scale with dedication and enthusiasm to the citizens of Pakistan irrespective of caste.creed and religion right from the comfort of their homes.

Loading...It is for the first time in Pakistan that such facility is being provided.We are new in online business.We request you to please mail us and help us in learning from our mistakes.

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  Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

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Ikram ul Haq Mirza, your life insurance analyst receives many

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emails each day.They ask him different questions related with the creative and innovative products of The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.Remember it,s not state life, it's The State Life,the largest and the only trusted and the tested life insurance company of The Pakistan.Today's post is very important  and information based.We want to serve our visitors effectively and efficiently.It is our mission to help you and guide you and eliminate  all the negative thoughts that exist in the society about life insurance.Amazingly our this service is absolutely free.You may ask us different questions right from the comfort of your home.We assure you that we  appreciate your questions and feel pleasure in answering them.Please keep asking us until you are completely satisfied.
In today's post we are publishing the cool way of asking us your questions.If you ask us questions this way we will be able to answer your questions most effectively and efficiently. :)
Thanks again for asking us. 
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animated gifYour name.Your name is not only very important for you but it is very important for us too.We do not only want to protect and secure your loved ones but we also want to make you happy.We want yo spell and pronounce your name correctly.We want that your name should be written correctly on the contract most commonly called as "POLICY BOND".So  when ever you ask us any question mention your name please.
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animated gifYour City.We are locateed at Peco Road,Faisal Town.Lahore.Please mentiion your city name aswell.This will help us a lot in assisting you efffectively and efficiently.We may even contact you at your door step and discuss different aspects of your life insurance problems.We will do our best to analyze the situation and find out suitable solutions.

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of many happy policy holders of Pakistan

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Yes it is free and will always be,
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YES!!! it is one of the best options (If NOt the best).

animated gifYour age.When ever you have any question and contact your life insurance analyst please mention your age..This is very important because the premium ( The cost of your peace of mind each year) will be calculated on the basis of your age.
animated gifYour martial status.Please also mention if you are married or not.This helps your life insurance analyst in suggestion a suitable life insurance policy.
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