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State Life-insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

Question of the day.
Should I 

And get 10 Millions 
in only 6 years.?
 Does State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan has any  plan where the policy holder can get an equal amount of his investment in only 6 years?
In simple words the answer to this great question is "YES" a big animated gif"YES". 
"YES" animated gifthe State Life is the largest life insurance company of Pakistan.
"YES"animated gifIt is the tested and the trusted friend of many happy families of Pakistan.
"YES"animated gifIt guarantees continuous flow of income in case the policy holder is "GONE".
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03234969112  IKRAM
"YES"animated gifIt has NO hesitation in paying handsome amounts at maturity.
"YES"animated gifThe state life has many creative and innovative plans.
"YES"animated gifEach plan is unique to fulfill the needs and requirements of a particular individual.
"YES"animated gif Each plan has been cut,tailored and designed to fit needs of different people belonging to different walks of life.
                                    میرا دوست-آپکا دوست-هم سب کا دوست 
 The tested and the trusted friend 
of many happy policy holders of Pakistan
ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا
Yes it is free and will always be,
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Please feel comfortable and give me 
(IKRAM) a call now. to make best use of your "idle money"in the banks.
YES!!! it is one of the best options (If NOt the best).

Few more important topics discussed by your life insurance analyst.
How to get more from state life.An investment guidance
Help her in starting a "Naya Jeevan".
learn the real secrets.Financial guidance

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مستقبل کا علم اللہ کے سوا کسی کو بھی نہیں، لیکن مستقبل، بےچینی، اندیشے اور وہم کا نام بھی نہیں۔ آنے والے وقت کے لیئے اگر پہلے سے تیاری کر لی جائے تو مستقبل خوشیوں کی ضمانت بن جاتا ہے۔ ایسی تیاری کو دوراندیشی کہتے ہیں اور ایسی ہی دور اندیشی کا نام بیمہ ہے۔
اس سکیم کے تحت دنیا بھر میں کڑوروں افراد احساس تحفظ خود اعتمادی اور سکون حاصل کرچکے ہیں۔ بیمہ کا ایک بڑا فائدہ یہ بھی ہے کہ اس سے بچت کی عادت پڑتی ہے۔ جس کا فائدہ ملک اور قوم کو بھی پہنچتا ہے۔
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State life-New way of-investment

How To Sell Like a Life Insurance Salesman (Warning: Explicit Content)

Do you have any idea how to make best use of the your "IDLE MONEY" in the bank?Today's post is about this very important topic.Please pay attention to this article.If you have some better idea and better plan of investment then please share with us.
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The best idea of investment will be rewarded with a term insurance policy of ONE MILLION PKR.Thanks for sharing your idea with us.Our many visitors have admired the STATE LIFE"S FAMILY PENSION SCHEME.It has many great
features but the best part of the features is that life insured's premium (ON DEMAND) is returned to the life insured's bank account.At the same time an equal amount of premium is also deposited in the account of the policy holder. 
Email your uestions
Web Administrator.
Ikram Ul Haq MIrza
Your Life Insurance Analyst

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Our many visitors have admired the "STATE LIFE"S FAMILY
PENSION SCHEME by single premium".It has many great features but the best part of the featuures is that life insured's single premium paid 6 years ago is returned (ON DEMAND) to the life insured's bank account.At the same time an equal amount of premium is also deposited in the account of the policy holder. Thus when the policy completes 6 years policy holders investment is double.This is by no way a bad option.As far as return on the investment after 6 years is concerned it is one of the best option if not the best.
arrowleftHere your investment is safe and secure.

arrowleftThe premium is paid only once.

arrowleftWhen policy completes 6 years and enters in the 7th year the policy holder has the option to.

arrowleft1.Either tell the state life to discontinue the policy and pay him double the amount of his investment.Again the procedure of payment is very simple.You only need to fill simple form and give your confirmed bank account Number.You will also have to submit photocopy of your CNIC.

arrowleftWe have made it very clear on many occasions that the contract  issued by state Life (USUALLY CALLED POLICY BOND) is a very important document.When policy holder after 6 complete asks State life to terminate the contract and pay him double the amount The State Life will demand ORIGNAL POLICY BOND.

2.The policy holder tells state life to continue the policy.


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Why we are online-State life

"THE STATE LIFE" The tested and the trusted friend of many happy families of Pakistan.Join us on skype ID statelifeonline Please feel comfortable and give me (ikram) a call now.03234969112.I am a click or two away from us    Life Insurance zaroori nahi bulkay bohat zaroori hay.Let us take care of your life insurance investment portfolio.We serve you cost effectively and cost efficiently.Share your life insurance needs and requirements with us.We do not sell life insurance.We sell what life insurance can do for you.We sell the real benefits of life insurance.We sell low rates packages of life insurance at affordable costs.Yes at the cost of a cup of tea daily.
This is by no way the official website of State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. We have made it very clear in the disclaimer. Please see disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
Web administrator

Why we have a presence on the internet?
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst
•    We help our clients, we help our visitors in understanding the real value of a life insurance policy and how it can be used to protect and secure the bright and prosperous future of their loved ones.
•    We encourage our clients to ask us questions and we try our best to answer those questions to the best of our knowledge and expertise.
Why do you not skype us?
SKYPE ID statelifeonline 

Give me (IKRAM) a call now.
•    Many of our distinguished visitors and clients do not have an “Investment Professional”. it means they are not receiving the financial guidance they need in order to plan for the better future. Many of our clients even do not know why insurance is therefor? They do not know the secrets of making a life insurance policy more precious at a very low cost.
•    We assist our clients and we take care of their life insurance investment portfolio absolutely free.Yes it is FREE and will always be.

 ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا
همارا     STATE LIFE 
Please feel comfortable and give me (IKRAM) a call now. animated gif0323-4969112 Lahore-Pakistan  میرا دوست-آپکا دوست-هم سب کا دوست
The tested and the trusted friend of many satisfied policy holders of Pakistan.

How to make best use of your idle money
 in the banks?
If you have some better idea 
please share with us.
•    We give our comments reviews on the existing life insurance policies of the policy holder. We need not to repeat it again that our this service too is absolutely free and will always be.
•    We help the beneficiary of the policy holder in getting their full benefits according to the contract safely and securely directly in to their bank accounts. Again absolutely free.

One of the best (if not the best )idea to generate enough in only
6 years.
Do you want to make a better use
 of your "IDLE MONEY"
in the bank?
Please feel comfortable and give
me (IKRAM) a call now.
•    We help our distinguished policy holders in getting maximum loan on their current life insurance policies.
•    We are of the view that our policy holders should some how continue their life insurance policies. They should have an urge and encourage the habit of saving regularly. This is their own saving for a brighter tomorrow. However, if due to one reason or the other a policy holder wishes to discontinue his policy we are prepared to help him too. We can help him in getting the cash surrender value of the policy. Again absolutely free.

•    We are prepared and equipped to help our clients, policy holders and their friends and family members in purchasing new life insurance policies cut, tailored and designed according to their particular wants, needs and, requirements.
Open an account now.
•    We help newly weds in starting a “NAYA JEEVAN” with “JEEVAN SATHI” assurance plan. We help and assure the continuous flow of income. Each month and every month. Yes regularly that too directly into their bank accounts. Absolutely FREE.
•    We help business partners in getting a joint policy at affordable rates.
•    We help in getting  mortgage insurance.

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