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state life insurance-different plans/the secrets to make them more valuable at a very low cost

The State Life Insurance-Different plans and the secrets to make your life insurance policy more valuable.
Every life insurance policy holder of the state life can make his has life insurance policy very valuable at a very low price.In today's post we are disclosing this very important secret.
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Life insurance
 بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

The mission of State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanThe State Life is to provide life insurance cover to each and every family of Pakistan.
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan The State Life is very keen,interested,enthusiastic and dedicated to extend the the benefits of life insurance to the citizens of Pakistan belonging to different walks of life.To achieve this target State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanThe State Life has many creative and innovative life insurance plans cut,tailored and designed for you. 
You may please consult a certified life insurance representative of State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanThe State Life insurance Corporation Pakistan and select a plan that suits best to satisfy your needs,wants and requirements.
Few very popular life Insurance Plans of the state Life are:
Endowment Life Assurance Plan.
This plan is very popular.To get maximum benefits of security and maximum benefits of your savings always insist for at least 20 years term.
Now the secret of making this Life assurance Plan more valuable at a very low price.
This secret lies in a special facility called RIDERS.
These riders make the life insurance policy very precious at a very low price.
If this plan particular plan satisfies your needs and wants then always ask for the following two very important riders.
1. Accidental Death Benefits. (ADB)
This facility doubles the sum assured in case of accidental death.If the policy (SUM ASSURED) is of PKR ONE MILLION then if the policy holder dies due to accident then according to this RIDER an additional amount equal to sum assured will  be paid by The State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.Thus due to accidental  death total amount payable will be TWO MILLIONS.
2.Family Income Benefits. (FIB)
According to this rider if the policy holder dies during the term of the policy then an annuity of 10 to 50% per annum of the basic sum assured becomes payable.The amount is paid monthly till the expiry of the rider.
Very Important Note
State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanThe attachment of this rider can be considered while the policy is in force on the submission of satisfactory evidence of good health.
State Life Insurance Corporation of PakistanThis rider can be attatched from the anniversary date of the policy.
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