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State Life. The creative and innovative Life Insurance Plan only for disable persons. (FOR SUB STANDARD LIVES) Write your insurance policy now.

-اسٹیٹ لائف کی بیمہ پالیسی هر كز  مہنگی نہیں - ہاں

State Life and Dec closing
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Please contact us the way you feel the most comfortable.

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همارا     STATE LIFE

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ہم ھونی کونہین ٹال سکتے- لیکن اس کے نقصان 
دہ اثرات -کی شد ت کو کم ضرور  کرسکتے ہین
State Life and Dec closing

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Please make your life insurance policy more valuable with the help of RIDERS.
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Creative and innovative Life Insurance Plan only for disable persons.
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You may please write your life insurance policy yourself now.

Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Certified Life Insurance Representative
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