We feel pleasure in announcing that we are publishing Urdu Version of this very popular and very carefully designed Assurance Plan.This type of assurance policy meets the needs and requirements of many families.
 Eligible ages:-
Minimum Age: 10 years
Maximum Age: 65 years
Age (Maximum) on Maturity: Age 75 years.
Riders available:YES.You can make your policy more precious by adding few riders.

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This type of policy is very popular.It’s a safest and surest method of guaranteed cash provision either at a specified time or at death (Allah forbid). Under these policies, the sum insured plus bonuses become payable payable at the end of the specified number of years or at death of the life insured if earlier. Premiums are payable for the specified number of years or till death, if earlier. The benefits under the plan can be further increased by attaching supplementary covers.
This Endowment assurance policy will acquire a surrender value after it has been inforce for at least two consecutive years provided no premiums are in default. The surrender value will be quoted by State Life on request of the policyholder.
The plan serves the requirements of a family in various shapes by way of financial help at retirement, education of children or provision of capital for business.Ask for the quote,
Policy terms and conditions apply

State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.
The tested,the trusted and the largest Life Insurance Company of Pakistan.


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Your Excellency 
Prime Minister of The Pakistan for making Pakistanp a peaceful and rarraspidly progressing hank you very much.
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Lif Insurane Analyst
The State Life
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You do not think you are too old for
"Jeevan Sathi"
or "Do you"
Get this assurance

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