Tuesday, December 31, 2013

State life-happy new year 2014

  Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
New Year Greetings
New year cards

Happy New Year 2014-The State Life

We wish our distinguished visitors and every one around the globe. 
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May this year and every year brings prosperity,happiness and good luck.
In this year too we assure our clients,policyholders,policy holders to be and our distinguished guest visitors to provide quality after sales service absolutely

We appreciate if you ask us questions related with your life insurance policies issued by The State Life.

For best low cost packages of State Life.
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State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا   
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The tested and the trusted friend of many satisfied policy holders of Pakistan.
The largest life insurance company of Pakistan.
The State Life

  بیمه زندگی بهی اورمنا فع  بهی

Our next topic is very interesting
Do billionaires need Life insurance?
Will State Life issue a policy of PKR 1 Billion?
Ask us this interesting question now.
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But why we?

animated gifWe provide the tested and the trusted customer service,we focus on “YOU”,we concentrate on our special relationship with our clients and policy holders and we sell the unique solutions and benefits of long term financial planning.

animated gifanimated gifYes! We do not sell life insurance but we do sell what wonders a life insurance policy can do for you.
Thanks for the visit.Please visit us again

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Monday, December 23, 2013

State Life and Dec closing

State Life  Closes it's business-December 31
  Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
The month of December is very important for the State Life and it's clients and policy holders.Today in this post we will discuss the importance of December 31.                      Wow offer 
Get life insurance policy
 before Dec 31 and become
entitled for whole years BONUS
Give me(IKRAM) a call now.
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Web Administrator 

State life closes it's yearly business  on december31.On this particular date State Life analyses it's business.It calculates it's gains and losses and then finally shares it profits with the policy holders.It is an open secret that the State Life shares 97.50% of it's profit with it's policy holders.Wowwww.

December31-It's importance for the potentials clients.
We have stated many times that The State Life is very enthusiastic and dedicated to provide life insurance cover to each and every family of Pakistan.To achieve this target State Life has created many plans for the citizens belonging to different walks of life.The main aim of State Life is to protect and secure  a unit called family.IF.... Yes if some thing unpleasant happens to the policy holders State Life guarantees to pay the sum assured to the beneficiary.
animated gifYes !! The State life  honors the contract and pays the sum assured with profit called BONUS.Who so ever gets his life insured before or at Dec31 becomes entitled for this bonus.
This is why this date December 31 is very important.Clients take a decision,make payments and clear their all the dues to get this handsome BONUS.

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animated gifYes!! many clients who are unable to make an early decision some how manage time and funds to get this BONUS.Although they have made payments only a day or two before the last date yet they become entitled for the Whole year's BONUS.
This is indeed a fascinating offer. 

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كيا يه ا يك د ن سيب كو تر س جا يگا
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

State life serves you better

Loading...Let State Life Serve You Better

  Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
State Life the largest,the tested and the  trusted company  of Pakistan.     

Loading... Let State Life take care of your Life Insurance needs.
Loading...Loading...Let State Life take care of your life investment portfolio.

You are too blessed to be stressed.
Now let us bear the strain.
Now let your life insurance worries be our concern.
Loading...let us serve you more effectively and efficiently. 

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For best low cost packages of State Life
Contact us (IKRAM 0323-4969112) now and learn the secrets to make your life insurance policy more valuable at a very low cost

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State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا   
 هما را
Your Web Insurance Analyst has written many interesting posts.These are being viewed by many visitors all over the world.Many of them have contacted him and appreciated his efforts.Today we are publishing few of his very popular post.
Web Administrator
Important Call-State Life

http://statelifeonline.blogspot.com/2013_01_01_archive.htmlIn this post he has discussed Endowment Assurance Plan and answered many important questions.If you are mainly interested in bonuses then you must read this post. 

The premium payable is only PKR4387.00

The age of the life proposed is only 22 years.


State Life Insurance-management and organization

This is a very important post.Many of the policy holder purchase life insurance policy with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm.But they soon forget about it.They do not take enough care of it and thus many of it's benefits are lost.In this post he has discussed the importance of managing life insurance policy.

Original policy bond requires a higher level of protection. You or your loved ones may need it any time. Keep your life insurance policies well managed and organized. This will give you a lot of peace of mind and will save your beneficiaries from a lot of possible strain.


Give me (IKRAM) a call and write your insurance policy now.




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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The State Life And The Over Seas Pakistanis

The State Life And The Over Seas Pakistanis
كيا يه ا يك د ن سيب كو تر س جا يگا
Well dear visitor!!! 
You know that we have created this blog to create awareness,to discuss,to serve and to procure life insurance business right from the comfort of your home.We receive many emails and phone calls from different parts of the world particularly from America,Canada,South Korea,Middle east and many cities of Pakistan.
Recently your life insurance analyst received an email-from Canada.Our this visitor is an overseas Pakistani.He wants to know if state life has some plans particularly for over seas Pakistanis as well.                                                                                                                                                                   0323-44969112                                                                               
Our today's post is dedicated to the over seas Pakistanis. 
Hats off to them. :)
Web Administrator.
Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst
State life is the largest life insurance company of Pakistan.It is the tested and the trusted friend of many happy and satisfied policy holders.to serve ecah and ecery pakistani belonging to different walks of life State Life has created many creative and innovative life insurance plans.Every Pakistani can select  a plan that suits his needs, requirements,status,targets and income levell.
A life insurance plan that suits me may not be as good for you and the plan that is suitable for you may not be as good for me. To suggest a suitable life insurance plan  i have to consider few factors.So i will request my distinguished visitors to please provide me following information.

Loading... Your age is very important.It is the age on the basis of which the cost of life insurance
(PREMIUM) is calculated.If you have planed to protect and secure your loved ones at an early age then naturaly the cost of premium will be low.Vice verse if you plan to purchase a life insurance policy at an advanced age then the cost of premium will be high.So please do not forget to tell me about your age.. Preferably do tell me about your Date Of Birth so that i can wish you a happy birth day. :) :) :)

Your family size
Loading...This is another very important factor in suggesting a suitable life insurance plan.Life insurance cover should be adequate enough to cover all the or most of the needs and requirements  in case the life proposed is gone.

Your monthly income
Loading...This information is also very important.The life proposed must be in a position to pay the premiums regularly.The income level should be in proportion to the sum assured.Life insurance is a plan.it is a strategy.The life proposed is going to run the policy for many years.So he must consider ups and downs in income level.

Amount of premium
Loading...How much you will like to pay to the State Life once in a year?The amount of premium is directly proportional to the amount of sum assured.The greater the sum assured the higher is the amount of premium.

Your targets/goals 
Loading...What you want to achieve after 20 years?How much you want to save in how many years.One of my clients asked me a me a simple question.He asked me i quote
"I want to get 10 millions after 20 years.How much premium i will have to pay each year for 20 years?
Very simple question but a great question. The right way to learn.

For inquires you can call me (IKRAM) now.
Lahore Pakistan 
email to >> statelifeonline@yahoo.com Thanks

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Endowment Plan-state Life

We have received a very important call from from Mr. IImtiaz Bhatti sahib.he is a very enthusiastic, very  and dedicated regular visitor.We admire his knowledge about different innovative plans of state life.He wants to know more about Endowment assurance..In this post right now your life insurance analyst is going to discuss the same plan.
We hope our distinguished visitors will like it.
Web administrator
Endowment assurance plan
For more details about this plan please feel free to call me (IKRAM) now.
0323-4969112    Lahore Pakistan

  بیمه زندگی بهی اورمنا فع  بهی

Do a billionaire neeed life insurance?

The only tested and the trusted friend

of many happy families of Pakistan.

Mayra doost.Aap ka doost.Ham sab ka doost 

Get your Life Insurance Policies Reviewed by your Life Insurance Analyst.
YOU can not afford
 to say "NO".

 Ask us for the quote now.


 e.mail statelifeonline@yahoo.com
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             092-0323-4969112 Lahore,Pakistan      
Let us first of all know little about this plan.This plan is a decent way of saving.It may yield four to five times of the sum assured.Please keep it in mind that so much generation of money is NOT guaranteed.That is why we are of the opinion that investment in state life policies is not RIBA or SOOD.So much generation is due to the growing business of the state life.It is a peculation.The state's life's business is growing day by day.With the increase in this business the state life is in a position to pay more and more bonus to it's policy holders.

  • It is a safest and surest method of guaranteed cash provisions either at the time of death or at a specified time.
  • It meets the requirements of a family whose bread earners income is not huge.
  • It may provide enough money at the when it is most needed.
animated gifILLUSTRATION

Now lets take an example.
Age of the life proposed 33 years
sum assured ONE Lac
Cost of premium per year with 15 % FIB =PKR 5756.00
Cost of premium per year with out FIB      =PKR 4983.00
if you purchase a policy of 3 lacs the state life is very pleased to give you a rebate of Rs0.50 per 1000 sum assured.