Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Salary Saving Plan_State Life

Our distinguished visitors have shown keen interest in the "Salary Saving Plan" offered by State Life.We feel pride in publishing details of this very beneficial life insurance plan,Email us to make this policy more valuable at a very low cost.
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Salary Saving Plan
It is an open secret that State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is the largest life insurance company in Pakistan.It is very keen to provide life insurance cover to each and every family of Pakistan irrespective of caste,creed,religion and political affiliation.At the same time it is very interested in encouraging the saving culture amongst peoples of Pakistan.

For the pleasure of our visitors who understand URDU pretty well we are publishing URDU VERSION of this "SALARY SAVING PLAN".

Introduction:This plan is very simple,flexible,systematic and easy to operate.It helps the policy holders in many ways.The premium is deducted.in monthly installments out of the salary paid by the employer..This is why Salary Saving Plan is very effective and popular because it does not effect the monthly budget.Just imagine the beauty of this plan.The small amount of premium is paid monthly and huge amount of life insurance cover is provided by State Life.It provides a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind not only to the bread earner of the family but provides a lot of security and protection to the defendants.as well. It in fact is a win win situation for the head of the family,for the defendants and for the the State Life.Besides this It also creates sense of LOYALTY. among employees.The employees can focus on their assignments.This situation also favors the employers..
logoState Life Offers very attractive bonuses.These are declared on the basis of Actuarial Valuations.Here is a partial list of different types of bonuses.Those who want to know more may please visit http://www.statelife.com.pk/html/bonus_rates.htm#1 Thank you

Special Reversionary bonus
Reversionary bonus
Terminal Bonus
Golden Jubilee bonus
Loyalty terminal bonus

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