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Grace period and revival of a lapsed policy_State Life

Life Insurance-Lapsed Policies and  State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
 Why Life Insurance Policy Lapses-State Life-Dangers of a lapsed life insurance policy-State Life-Reinstate your life insurance policy-State Life-Personal Pension Scheme-state Life and now grace period and revival of a lapsed policy state life
 Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

Loading... We have created this blog with a purpose and a particular mission.We want to educate and create awareness about the importance of life Insurance in our daily life.Here in this blog we discussed different aspects of life insurance in a very friendly environment.English is by no way our mother tongue.We make a lot of mistakes.We do hope that our distinguished visitors do understand this problem and will continue to to patronize us and help us in learning from our mistakes.

Loading... We owe our thanks to the all the visitors who regularly and repeatedly visit this blog and ask us different questions.Recently we have received few very interesting questions.In this post we will try to answer those questions and see how State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan helps it's clients and  policy holders.
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Reinstate your lapsed policy now
Loading... Well Dear Visitor! Your Life Insurance Analyst is again with you.Right now we will chat about a mail which we received from Abbottabad,Pakistan.The sender of the email is 35 years old man.He wants to know more about the "Grace Period"..When it begins?When it ends?If a premium can be be paid within the grace period without any penalty?What State Life will do if the policy holder dies and the premium is NOT paid within the "Grace Period"?
So we see that he has raised a very important question.In this post we will find out right answer to the question,"What is "Grace Period"? according to State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.
Loading...The grace period is of 31days.Hence,the policy holder can pay the premium within 31 days.The grace period starts from the date on which the premium falls due.
Loading...If the policy holder dies and the premium is NOT received by State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan  within the grace period then the premium will be treated as received and State Life Insurance corporation of Pakistan will honor the contract.
Loading...The due premium which was NOT paid before the death of the policy holder with in the grace period will be deducted from the amount payable by State Life to the beneficiary of the policy holder.
If the grace period ends and  due premium is NOT received by State Life, the Policy will lapse unless it is kept inforce under the “Automatic Non-forfeiture” clause of the Policy. The lapse date will be taken as the due date of the premium in default. No.claim whatsoever shall lie against State Life, under a lapsed policy.
This was all about the "GRACE PERIOD"offered by 
State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. 
if a life insurance policy lapses no claim what so ever shall lie against State Life.So we suggest "Never wait for the grace period to begin".
Always pay the premium when it is due. 
Beware of the dangers of a lapsed life insurance policy.
You loose protection and financial security. There is no one to take care of your and your family once you are gone.
 Never let your life insurance policy lapse.
If you need any information or you need any service related with your life insurance policy please feel free to email us.let us serve you more effectively and efficiently.
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 Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

Get ready to revive your lapsed 


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