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State Life-Popular and Innovative Life Insurance Plans

State  life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan and it's popular and innovative Life Insurance Plans.                                                                                     Protect and secure your kids future
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 Ensure the 
bright and progressive 
future of your kids.Get
Endowment Assurance Plan 
  A month  
A beautiful blend 
of Saving,Insurance  
        and Investment   
An innovative plan
That provides maximum 
protection,security and
peace of mind at a very 
cost of premium.   
  A special offer
   of State Life.
YOU can not afford
 to say "NO".
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 Endowment Assurance Plan  
This type of life insurance plan is very popular in Pakistan,It is the favorite plan of many satisfied and happy policy holders. Minimum age of entry is 10 years and maximum age of entry is 65 years.
This is the real beauty of the plans offered by State Life.It confirms that State Life is very committed and enthusiastic to offer life insurance policies to a wide range of different age groups A boy as young as 10 years can accept this generous offer.Similarly a man as old as 65 years can participate in it.The value of this plan can be increased many times at a very low cost of premium.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that 
Endowment Assurance.

of this very popular plan
 has been published.
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Listen what State Life says.

nshiell's Avatar"It’s a safest and surest method of guaranteed cash provision either at a specified time or at death (Allah forbid). Under these policies, the sum insured plus bonuses are payable at the end of the specified number of years or at death of the life insured if earlier. Premiums are payable for the specified number of years or till death, if earlier."

State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. The tested,the trusted and the largest Life Insurance Company of Pakistan. Share


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