Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Overseas Pakistanis and the State Life part-II

Overseas Pakistanis and the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan part II 

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Thanks honorable Prime Minister
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rapidly progressing Pakistan.
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
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  Many of the overseas Pakistanis have shown their keen interest in life insurance policies issued by the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.They have asked life Insurance Analyst many questions.In this series of posts we will try to find out the answer to these questions.

Life insurance    بیمه زند گی  zaroori nahi  بلکه bohat zaroori hay

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Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst

  بیمه زندگی بهی اورمنا فع  بهی

Q.I live in U.A.E.I have an insurance policy.Now i want to pay the premium.What is the best secure and safe mode of payment of premiums?
Loading...A.Great question. I am delighted you asked this question.Such questions and enquirers show the real interest and enthusiasm of the policy holder.Such inquires in fact show the dedication of the policy holders with which they want to protect and secure the bright and prosperous future of their loved ones.Hats off to such responsible policy holders of the State Life.You can write your first
   Loading...Well!!!the best and safe and secure mode of payment is via a cheque of a Pakistani bank.Just sign the crossed cheque and make it sure that you have enough funds in your account.Please address the amount payable to : State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.Do NOT forget to write the policy number.On the back of this cheque you may write your name and policy number.
 Loading...This is the safest and secure mode of payment.Now you have your name on the cheque.And you have the policy number as well.Besides this it's a crossed cheque.So you need not to worry any more now.Just be Loading...We happy and relax now.Your have completed your part of the task decently.Now the ball is in the court of the State Life.As soon as the cheque is cleared you will receive the receipt at your postal address.
Well done.Thumbs Up.
Your Life Insurance Analyst
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
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