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State Life And The "RIDERS

The State Life And The "RIDERS".
The State life offers many"RIDERS".These riders make the life insurance policy very valuable at a very low cost.We will request our distinguished visitors to please study their contract most commonly known as the "POLICY BOND".
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Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst
Oh yes! The State Life is very generous in providing two facilities at least to it's policy holders.One is "THE BONUS" and the other is "THE RIDERS".These riders make the policy very valuable.In this post we will see what these riders are and how they make life insurance policy more valuable.

let us first of all see how a "RIDER"may be defined?

 Riders may be defined as "a special contract of an insurance policy that is purchased separately but is attached to the main or to  the basic policy and that provides additional benefits at an additional cost."
These are also called as "Supplementary Contracts" .
Thus we see that riders are very important contracts.They are attached to the basic policy and hence they can not be purchased separately.They provide additional facility or benefit at the cost of an extra premium. 

The popular riders or supplementary contracts offered by The State Life are:
  Accidental Indemnity Benefits 

Accidental Death Benefits

Family Income Benefits

Hospital And Surgical Benefits

Refund Of Premium Rider

Special Waiver Of Premium

Term Insurance Rider

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