Saturday, March 1, 2014

State Life-And The Farm House

This is by no way a paid advertisement
 Your life insurance analyst read a cool advertisement in the daily “JANG”, Lahore on this Sunday, 16th February. This clear, precise, to the point beautiful advertisement fascinated him and he then decided to write a post and share his feelings with you. Today’s post is about the same advertisement. Please continue reading. We will appreciate it very much if you share the post with your friends and family members.
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Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst
Today I am going to comment on this particular advertisement. But the question is what makes this advertisement so special.Why it looks so cool and fasinates me.?It made me happy.But why?YES it made me happy and readers  and I am sure it will make your day brighter too.
animated gifEach and every thing is very clear.Very precise,very dramatic and to the point.To be honest I even had the feelings if I am at the farm house and enjoying the healthy atmosphere and the beautiful environment.
Thanks His Excellency

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif

The Prime Minister 
of Pakistan

for a peaceful
and rapidly  progressing 

animated gifThis advertisement displays the life style of citizens of Pakistan.Those citizens of Pakistan who are blessed by The Allah Almighty,The Lord of All The wolrds.Mostly it is propagated that the Pakistan is a unsecure,backward and uncivilized country.However,the true position is otherwise.And this beautiful advertisement is an example.
animated gifThis particular Ad. also shows that with the change in political scenario a lot has changed in Pakistan and Pakistan now is on at the .animated gifThis Ad. Shows that the owner of the  Farm House is a happy man who has developed new skills and is prepared to take calculated risks and explore new opportunities. We all wish him best of luck..
animated gifMay the Allah almighty the Lord of all the worlds blesses the owner of the farm house,the workers the farmers,the tube well operators,the “MALIS, who made this farm house so special..Hatsoff to the  man who prepared this particular advertisement.This  a lovely display of his positive and creative thinking. I am sure many readers of the daily “JANG” would have enjoyed it.
animated gifThank you visitors. Thank you very much our readers for reading this post.This Ad. infect gave me a lot of pleasure and happiness and now I am sharing the same with you.
animated gifPlease keep visiting and please help us in Learning from our mistakes.We are new in online business. We have created this blog to help our visitors so that can get basic information, and knowledge about different life insurance plans and policies of the State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan right from the comfort of their homes. And as usual please share this post with the social media.
Thank you.Thank you very much.
animated gifAupna, aupnay piaroon ka aur aupnay depenents ka khayal rakheeiay ga.Aupni khooshian doosraty kay saath baantiay,share keejiay.Aur doosroon ki khooshion main shirkat keejiay. Khaloos kay saath.Piar kay saath.Muhabbat kay saath.Succhaai kay saath.

Dua ka Talib
Dua goo..
I am Your Life Insurance Analyst
Ikrram Ul Haq Mirza
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Contact us for State Life's low cost best offers. e mail to


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