Thursday, July 24, 2014

State Life online/Special Eid Message

State Life Online/Special Eid Message
Special Eid Message
Eid ul fiter Mubarak hoo. HAPPY EID
We have created this blog with a purpose. Our motive is that our distinguished visitors should contact us cost effectively and cost efficiently.They may ask us different questions related with the life insurance policies issued by The State Life.They may discuss their problems and issues with our Life Insurance Analyst.
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If some ones policy has matured or is soon going to mature then he may please tell us.We may help him in one way or the other.We may guide and help him in getting all the dues directly in this  bank account.And remember our this service is absolutely free.We assure them it is FREE and will always be.FREE STUFFLoading...


•    If some one wants to know about the status of his life insurance policy then he may too contact us.FREE STUFFLoading...


•    If some one wants to get loan from The state Life he may tell us about his wish.We will guide him and assist him in getting loan from The state Life. Our this service too is absolutely free and will always be.FREE STUFFLoading...

Save Big-And Get Even A Lot Bigger/State Life On Line.
  Give me (Ikram) a call now.
We help in saving big and getting even a lot bigger.
•    If some one is need of money and wants to surrender his life insurance policy then he should contact us immediately. we may guide him about the official procedure and requirement. For this service we charge absolutely nothing. Yes
FREE STUFFLoading...absolutely free.

•    If some one in the  past was unable to pay his premiums at the due date and his policy now has “LAPSED” he should  contact us immediately without any further delay. We may help him in revival of a lapsed policy. We may help in the restoration of a lapsed policy.And asusual our this service is absolutely free.
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•    If our visitors want our expert’s comments or reviews on their existing life insurance policies then we may help them too.We will analyze their needs and requirements and furnish them a report if their life cover is adequate or not.

How To Sell Like a Life Insurance Salesman (Warning: Explicit Content)
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•    We help or visitors in updating their life insurance cover in the form of a package so that their long term and short wants are fully satisfied…… Is it free too? Yes .It is absolutely free and will always be.
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•    If our visitors want that their life insurance policy should be “PAID UP” then he should NOT waste any more time. He should contact us immediately. We will guide him how he should get his life insurance policy “PAID UP”.
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•    And in the last but not least if some policy holder has died we may help and guide his beneficiary in getting all the benefits related with and attached to the policy. As usual our this service too is absolutely free.
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Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.

 ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا
همارا     STATE LIFE 
Please feel comfortable and give me (IKRAM) a call now.
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 میرا دوست-آپکا دوست-هم سب کا دوست
The tested and the trusted friend of many satisfied policy holders of Pakistan.

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 Lahore Pakistan

Get a Free Quote of Term Life Insurance

You are never too old for "JEEVAN SATHI".Plan today for a better tomorrow and save her from an unimaginable pain.Give me(IKRAM)a call now.03234969112 LAHORE PAKISTAN Mail us and learn the secrets.

"THE STATE LIFE" The tested and the trusted friend of many happy families of Pakistan.Join us on skype ID statelifeonline Please feel comfortable and give me (ikram) a call now.03234969112.I am a click or two away from us    Life Insurance zaroori nahi bulkay bohat zaroori hay.Let us take care of your life insurance investment portfolio.We serve you cost effectively and cost efficiently.Share your life insurance needs and requirements with us.We do not sell life insurance.We sell what life insurance can do for you.We sell the real benefits of life insurance.We sell low rates packages of life insurance at affordable costs.Yes at the cost of a cup of tea daily.

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