Wednesday, November 26, 2014

State Life Insurance-Images and Silent Message

The State Life-A Silent Message 
Why do we all get life insurance cover?Do we want to be rich only? To night and every night ask your self this question.

Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
Think twice.To night and every night.
 Endowment Assurance. 
The favorite plan of many happy and satisfied policy holders.
Please feel comfortable and give me (IKRAM) a call now. 03234969112 LAHORE.. PAKISTAN
An excellent plan to make best use of your idle money in the bank.
Yes... the documents of a life insurance policy are very important.By paying just only one premium you can instantly create a very valuable property.
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It is like gambling with the bright and prosperous future of your loved ones. 

Lahore --Pakistan 

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Please feel comfortable and give me(IKRAM) a call now.
The creative and innovative plans of The State Life ensure continuous flow of income.
Remember it is not State Life,it's The State life.
The only tested and the trusted and the largest life Insurance company of Pakistan.
Give me (IKRAM) a call now.

If you love your loved ones why do you not buy a life insurance policy right now.Remember the old saying.
"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today."
You may please write your insurance policy now.
     میرا دوست-آپکا دوست-هم سب کا دوست
 The tested and the trusted friend 
of many happy policy holders of Pakistan

ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا
Yes it is free and will always be,
Email your uestions

Skype statelifeonline

Please feel comfortable and give me 

(IKRAM) a call now. to make best use of your "idle money"in the banks.

YES!!! it is one of the best options (If NOt the best).

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