Thursday, February 19, 2015

State Life_And Billionaires

ہمارا امتیاز ، بہترین سروس ہر وقت ہر جگہ

Somewhere in Silicon Valley,

A billionaire has taken out 

$201 million in life insurance.

Why can not you?

Can you afford to say "NO"

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We provide you cost effective and cost efficient service irrespective of caste,creede,region and religion to each and every pakistani belonging to all walks of life right from the comfort of your home. Please do NOT hesitate.Feel comfortable and contact us to discuss your needs and requirements related with your life insurance policy.If you are a happy and satisfied policy holder of The State Life and you want to update your existing policy then this information  is for you.You may discuss and share your experience and observations wih us.

  Don’t Let Your Life Insurance PolicyLapse.Don't let your life insurance policy lapseThe State Life is very worried and takes a lot of care to keep your life insurance policies fit ,upto date and healthy.It sends you reminders regularlyy.State life is so generous that it gives you a grace period of 30 days to clear your dues.So it is your responsibility to contribute regularly in your endowment.pically, life insurance policies have a 30-day grace period for paying your premium. If due to one reason or the other you forget to pay your premium within that time, you will loose all the benefits related with the policy. That can be disastrous for an older person who has health problems that he didn’t have when he initially bought the policy. 

Beware of the dangers of a lapsed life insurance policy.

Image result for lapsed policy images
Image result for lapsed policy images

  This is how a lapsed life insurance policy looks like.

animated gifYou are requested to please again consider "IF"of "Life". 

animated gifKeep your policies fit and healthy.

animated gifGet your policies reviewed and updated. 

animated gifInvite me to take care of your life insurance investment portfolio.

animated gifAsk me to manage your life insurance policies. 

animated gifGet my honest opnion if your papers are in order.

 animated gifAsk my opinion if you can make your policy more valuable at a very low cost.

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