Wednesday, September 9, 2015

State Life-And Overseas Pakistanis

Million Dollar Idea:Earn in Dollars and spend in Rupees.
State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan,over seas Pakistanis and the frequently asked question.Many of our distinguished visitors are from United States of America,Canada and European Union.Few of them have  frequently asked us a very simple question.
animated gifCan over seas Pakistanis open an account with The State Life and make best use of their "IDLE MONEY"?
animated gifCan they get a life insurance policy?

In today's post ,Ikram Ul Haq Mirza,Certified Life Insurance Analyst will discuss the same. 
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Though this is not a million dollar question.However the over seas Pakistanis may get millions if they open an account with the state life.
It is a million dollar idea:
Earn in dollars and spend in rupees.
Yes over seas Pakistanis can open an account with the state life.
They will deposit their money in  the state life in Pakistani currency and will get the return of their deposits (PREMIUMS) in Pakistani currency.
The procedure is by NO WAY complicated.It's very simple. 
The most important thing for The State Life is your dedication,enthusiasm and a cross cheque  drawn in favor of "STATE LIFE INSURANCE".
Yes it is free and will always be.
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