Thursday, October 8, 2015

State life online-be a partner/kamal ki offer

Be a businesses  partner of The State Life for twenty 20 years.
We offer immediate short term partnership with The State Life.... Long term partnership facility is also available
on request only.
We welcome over seas Pakistanis as well.
Image result for US dollars images
It is a great idea if you earn in Dollars and spend in 
Image result for Pakistani rupees images
Pakistan Rupees.
animated gifWhat you need to do to get this WOW offer?

Give me (IKRAM) a call or send a message.
animated gifPlease tell me your name.
animated gifAge 
animated gifCity
animated gifHow much share  you want YEARLY in the profits of 
The State Life?

Book your seat now,conform your partner ship deed immediately ,get the contract called POLICY BOND and be a partner in the whole years profits/bonus.
To get this special offer you may also send an email to
Remember our motto is
let us serve you more effectively and efficiently.
You may even skype  statelifeonline

You may please contact the way you feel 
the most comfortable.
Confirm your account now.
animated gif
Give me a call and open your account now.
Well done,
Thank you.Thank you very much.
Have a nice day.

Google rewarded the guy who bought, and he donated it all to charity

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