Tuesday, May 10, 2016

State Life Online and Careem

State life Online and a "RIDE" with CAREEM
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Jacqueline Kennedy 
on her wedding day.
 September 12, 1953
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
The widow of
President John F. Kennedy
died at the age of 64 years.
When she died all the
print and electronic 
media emphasized that she

has done 
good and great job 
to protect and secure
 her estate.
And the same was 
true to a great extent.
The first lady
 indeed had done 
a decent, cute 
and great planning.
However,soon after
her death when the 
Internal Revenue Service
calculated the amount of 
taxes due, it proved
her planning was 
not sufficient. 
Consequently her family
was forced to sell her
precious jewelry 
and other assets
to arrange enough cash
to pay the taxes.

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  • Buying an insurance policy is not enough.
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