Saturday, August 20, 2016

state life online-ھونی کونہین ٹال سکتے

State Life and Dec closing
ہم ھونی کونہین ٹال سکتے- لیکن اس کے نقصان دہ اثرات -کی شد ت کو کم ضرور  کرسکتے ہین

Transfer your funds and open your account with The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.The largest and the trusted life insurance company of Pakistan.

-اپنی بانجھ دولت
 -سے ابھی فائدہ اٹھائے

Say Hello to Ikram Now

to make best use of your 


Transfer a part of your بانجھ دولت Idle Money now to 
The  State life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.
The only tested and the trusted friend of many happy and satisfied policy holders of Pakistan.

Please discuss your questions and concerns that you may have with a Certified Life Insurance representative of 
The State Life.

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With your questions and concerns please tell us about your self so that the expert can manage your risk in a proper way.

  • Your name.
  • Age.
  • Your city.
  • Your profession.
  • No.of kids.
  • The amount you will like to transfer to The State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan. 
  • If you are married or not?
  • When you will confirm your order?


Ikram Ul Haq Mirza

Certified Life Insurance Representative



SKYPE  statelifeonline

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