Sunday, December 23, 2012

Endowment Assurance Plan-State Life And Investment.

The best life insurance plan in Pakistan?Endowment Assurance Plan-State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan And Investment.Our distinguished visitors are very enthusiastic and keen to know if there is any policy which is a beautiful combination of protection,security,surety,peace of mind and in the last but not the least "THE INVESTMENT".
Special message of thanks for some one special in Karachi.
 Thanks sir.Thank you very much for your confidence,faith and interest and asking us about a particular life insurance plan.This for the first time in Pakistan that life insurance policies are being offered to the citizens of Pakistan right from the comfort of their homes.Only you can make this programme successful.We appreciate and admire your great efforts.Thanks again.Thank you very much. 

Now what we think best for you.
After heated discussion with our senior colleagues we have unanimously decided to offer you a better plan which we honestly believe will suit you more and will yield a better return(besides providing you a lot of peace of mind and surety)on what you pay to State Life as yearly premium.
More we will discuss this tomorrow morning. 
Undoubtedly our proposal will mange decent funds for the education of your son.
Thanks for understanding our viewpoint. 
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Loading...It is a fact that many of the life insurance polices and plans  are a remarkable combination of protection and security and at the same time provide a lot of peace of mind in case of any uncertainty.Many people want  more and more protection,security and peace of mind  and less return on what they pay to State Life as premium each year to have protection,security and peace of mind.Such people are more concerned about their family.They love their wife.They love their kids.They have a lot of respect for their aged parents.And in the last but not the least they want to save enough funds for their old age.And they want all this in one package.    
The good news is that State Life has such a great package.A package that provides you security,protection,peace of mind,enough savings for the old age and a good rate of return on your life insurance policy.For more details please contact us and make your policy more valuable at a very low cost.                            

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Secrets unlocked now.Make your life insurance policy very precious at a very low cost. 
The true,real gift of the new year 2013.
help them in starting a "NAYA JEEVAN" 
Learn the real secrets unlocked now.
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It is free and will always be. 
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Know what is insurance 

Posted by Marki H Meer

Life insurance or as we call it financial planning  is in fact multipurpose.
Besides providing protection,security and peace of mind it is a very flexible
 money saving scheme.It helps you in accumulating wealth to buy a new car.
You can have enough funds for  your daughter's marriage.It many ways
it can help you in getting tax rebate.When you become old you have more
 than enough money in your account.
Contact us for State Life's low cost life insurance plans.

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