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Life insurance-unhealthy lives-State Life

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We have received few very interesting emails,They have asked us if State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan has any proposal of Life Insurance for the disabled persons.They are eager to know if State life offers life insurance policies to the unhealthy or sub standard lives.In this post we will keep our attention focused on this particular very interesting question and will try to find out the right answer.Web Administrator
Again the answer to the question is "YES".A big "Yes".
Loading...Well we have stated on many occasions that State Life,the largest life insurance company of Pakistan is very enthusiastic,dedicated and committed to provide life insurance cover to the citizens of Pakistan.Now many of our clients are healthy and are successful in  getting  insurance policy of their choice at standard rates.Some are NOT as healthy as others are.To them mostly State Life do not refuse.State Life just asks them to pay a little more(premium) because of their health.And this is quite justified for many reasons.
Loading...So we can say that State Life has the proposals for the the substandard lives or unhealthy lives..Even unhealthy persons can get their lives insured by paying little extra.Therefore it's a good news for them. They should make best use of this opportunity and get their lives insured now before it gets too late..
Loading...It will be interesting for you that such policy holders share all bonuses declared by State Life from time to time.There is NO difference between healthy and unhealthy policy holders.There claims are honored as usual.Loading...We
Now we are going to unlock a more interesting and amazing secret.State life has special life insurance policies/plans even for the persons who are supposed to be at the death bed.....This special plan is called        
    Loading...NON-DECLINATURE SCHEME(NDLoading...
ShareThose who want to get their lives insured are offered Endowment Assurance Plans and Anticipated Endowment Plans only and  are charged ND EXTRA.The proposal form is the same.They are only required to declare few facts about their nominee/beneficiary.They are FREE not to answer any question related with their health.However,the answers are appreciated and are very help full for the success of this special offer.

Loading...This policy is very useful for the "special persons" because it creates much needed urge to live longer.Full life insurance cover does NOT start immediately.It builds up gradually.Full sum assured plus all the bonuses become payable if the death of the policy holder occurs in the third or later policy years.An ND policy gets exactly the same bonuses as if it had been underwritten.
For more details and few more secrets please contact us immediately before it is too late,
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  1. Therefore it's a good news for them. They should make best use of this opportunity and get their lives insured now before it gets too late.. cheap life insurance