Sunday, March 17, 2013

Darood-e-Tanjeena and it's fazleeat

One of our regular visitor and Muslim brother have asked us to get the "DAROOD_E_TANJEENA" recited 5000 times.Therefore,we request our Muslim visitors to please recite this particular "darood"at least once.Our this message is going world wide.If we all read this once at least then it will be completed 5000 times in a few days.

 You are requested to please recite it and send the "SAWAAB"to every one who is in trouble,distress,problems,ill or injured.This will also benefit you.This is going to benefit to every one who reads it.INSHALLAH.
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Few of the many benefits associated with 


Recite it daily and please make it a habit.Here are the few of it's benefits.
bullet-03However,it is confirmed that it gives strength and peace of mind.if it is recited with faith then by the Grace of Lord Of All The Worlds it is the best cure of all ills and all worldly calamities.
bullet-03Recite it daily and make it a habit.It's benefits are amazing and it works wonders. 
bullet-03Please recite it daily.By The  Grace Of Allah Almighty it opens door to Divine Favor and sure success. 
bullet-03Recite it  maximum number of times.It brings purity.  
bullet-03Recite it in this world and you will be rewarded in the world hereafter. 
bullet-03Reciting Darood is like giving something in charity.  
 Muslim scholars recommend "Darood-e-Tanjeena" to recite during the days of calamity, turmoil and distress.All the troubles and difficulties will be removed by The Allah Almighty The Lord of All The Worlds..

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O Allah! Shower blessings on Muhammad, our Master, and his Family such blessings by means of which Thou may relieve us of all anxieties and calamities. Thou may satisfy all our needs. Thou may clean us of all evils and thanks for which Thou may grant us high position and high rank and status in Thy presence, and Thou may lead us to the utmost limit of our aspirations and capacity in whatever is best in this world as well as in the world Hereafter, as Thou has the full Power over everything
Imam ibn-Faikihani says that there was once a pious man called Sheikh Moosa Zareer. He embarked on a voyage by ship. Due to a heavy storm, the ship started sinking. All the passengers on board started crying and clamouring, but Sheikh Moosa Zareer went to sleep. He saw Muhammad in his dream and Muhammad directed him and the passengers to recite Durood-e-Tunajjina 1 000 times. Sheikh Moosa Zareer got up and started the recitation. As soon as he finished 300 Durood, the storm subsided and the ship was saved. The other ship on the high seas sank, but this ship reached its destination safely and soundly.[9]

 What is "darood"?
Durood or Darood Shareef : درود‎ : الصلاة على النبي  is an invocation which Muslims make by saying specific phrases to compliment the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The Islamic view is to say durood whenever a Muslim reads, speaks or hears the name of Muhammad. Durood, which is a kind of prayer and is mentioned in hadith as well as in Qur'an, are also recited in the form of Wazifa.



One example is Durood-e-Ibrahimi (having a reference to Abraham):
"O Allah, let Your Peace come upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious".[6]

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