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State Life Insurance-management and organization

Management and organization of Life Insurance Policies issued by State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan.

Rule of thumb.Now when finally the life insurance contract reaches in your hands,apparently it looks if the life insurance adviser's work has finished. This is far away from truth.His work has NOT ended. Infect his real work starts now.

Good news for the policy holders

Today we are discussing another very important topic.How and where to keep your life insurance related documents issued by the largest life Insurance company of Pakistan"THE STATE LIFE"? We are confident that our visitors will appreciate this topic and share it with their friends.Thanks if you do.
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Well! finally your insurance adviser has completed all the difficult process and the contract is now in your hands.You and he has taken a lot of pain in completing the contract.Now the contract is in your hands.It is a very very important document.You or your loved ones may need it any time.So you it must be kept at a safe place and in safe hands.
These papers are though few yet very important and precious.It is an asset for you and for all of your loved ones.This contract issued by State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan is usually known as "POLICY BOND".

What you need to know about your life insurance policy?

Please spend few moments right now to study it.Your time spent now will save you from a lot of troubles which you may have to face in future.

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  • Name of the life insurance company that issued the policy.
  • The Address of the company.
  • Policy number.
  • Date. when the policy was issued.
  • Benefits related with the policy.
  • The name and address of the person who asked and advised you get the life insurance cover.
  • The type of policy (e.g., term, endowment, whole life, etc.)
  • The location of the original life insurance policy.
  • When next the payment of premium will be due.
  • The date the insurance was started.
  • When next the premium will be due.

Where should I keep the information?

Keep the ORIGNAL contract at a very safe place and in very safe hands.it is a very important document and your insurance advisor has prepared and planned it very carefully according to your needs and wants.

·        Prepare at least 2 photo copies of it.

·        Keep these 2 photocopies at different places.

·        Keep the original set of contract in your home at a very safe place. Tell all about this contract to a person whom you can trust. .

·        On each photo copy of the contract, record the date on which the information was last updated.

·        You may keep one set of these papers, outside your home. Perhaps you will like to keep it in a safe deposit box. You may keep it with some professional (may be your attorney) or a relative who can be responsible to produce them when they are needed


Rule of thumb.

Original policy bond requires a higher level of protection. You or your loved ones may need it any time. Keep your life insurance policies well managed and organized. This will give you a lot of peace of mind and will save your beneficiaries from a lot of possible strain.

You can mail your uestions to  statelifeonline@yahoo.com 
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Life insurance    بیمه زند گی  zaroori nahi  بلکه bohat zaroori hay
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