Wednesday, August 19, 2015

State Life Insurance-friend of every one

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Aik Sawal joo aap ka bayta aap say khabhi naheen karay ga.
One question which your son will never ask you.
 Une question votre fils ne vous demandera jamais.
 Eine Frage, die dein Sohn fragen Sie nie.

میرا دوست-آپکا دوست-هم سب کا دوست

Exlpore Pakistan!
 The tested and the trusted friend 
of many happy policy holders of Pakistan.

  ایک غمزده گهر کا بهترین سهارا
همارا     STATE LIFE
AbsolutelyFREE STUFF
Yes it is free and will always be,
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State Life Insurance Corporation Of Pakistan's photo.


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