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The State Life-And Committe Policy

The State Life and one more creative and innovative plan."THE COMMITTEE POLICY".
How To Sell Like a Life Insurance Salesman (Warning: Explicit Content)
We receive few emails daily. One of our regular visitors and from Rawalpindi, Pakistan has asked us to discuss and explain a special policy called “COMMITTEE  POLICY”. In today’s post we will discuss the same. Please continue reading.You may or send us a message 03234969112.We are located in Lahore
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animated-ball-image-0015COMMITTEE POLICY”is a creative and innovative life insurance plan of The State Life.In Pakistan people are fond of saving money collectively in the form of “COMMITTEE”.(So what is committee and how it is rum needs not to be explained).These committees are equally very popular in offices, towns, villages and cities.
The main features of this Plan are:

animated gifIt is only available to standard lifes.
animated gifMinimum age at entry is 20 years.
animated gifMaximum age at entry is 50 years.
animated gifMode of payment is Quarterly.
animated gifOnly 2 terms are available. 3 Years (36 Months) and 5 Years (60 months).
animated gifThe minimum acceptable sum assured is PKR75,000.00
animated gifThe maximum sum assured acceptable under this plan depends upon the age and is as follows:
Age 20 to 40 years. PKR400,000.00
Age 41 to 45 years. PKR300,000.00
Age 46 to 50 years. PKR150,000.00
animated gifProcessing fees or policy fees is PKR100.00 annually.
animated gifThis plan does NOT participate in the actuarial Surplus of The State Life.
animated gifAnd in the last but not the least the policy holder can make this policy very valuable by attatching “RIDERS:
Few of the very important, interesting and demanding rider are.
The good news is that both of these riders can be attached to the committee policy.

The age of our distinguished visitor is 36 years. So the maximum sum assured available to him is PKR4 LACS.
We also know that only two terms are available. 3 years and 5 years. If he selects a term of 5 years then  each year he will have to pay PKR80,000.00 to the State life.
we know too that the mode of payment is quarterly.So in each quarter he will send a cross cheque of PKR20,000.00 But till now we have not added policy fees which is 100.00 annuly.The quarterly policy fees will be 25.00 rupees only. So we will add this amount to the amount calculated previously.
Therefore total quarterly premium will be PKR20,000.00+PKR25=PKR20025.00

Now we request our distinguished visitor that he may write his policy.He only needs to fill a simple form and send us a cross cheque of PKR20,025.00 drawn in favor of THE STATE LIFE.

Have a nice day.
Please email your questions or give me a call.My pleasure if i can answer them.Please keep surfing and i look forward to the pleasure of talking to you again. :)

Than you.Thank you very much. 

Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Certified Life Insurance Analyst
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