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The State Life And The Over Seas Pakistanis

The State Life And The Over Seas Pakistanis
كيا يه ا يك د ن سيب كو تر س جا يگا
Well dear visitor!!! 
You know that we have created this blog to create awareness,to discuss,to serve and to procure life insurance business right from the comfort of your home.We receive many emails and phone calls from different parts of the world particularly from America,Canada,South Korea,Middle east and many cities of Pakistan.
Recently your life insurance analyst received an email-from Canada.Our this visitor is an overseas Pakistani.He wants to know if state life has some plans particularly for over seas Pakistanis as well.                                                                                                                                                                   0323-44969112                                                                               
Our today's post is dedicated to the over seas Pakistanis. 
Hats off to them. :)
Web Administrator.
Life insurance بیمه زند گی zaroori nahi بلکه bohat zaroori hay.
Ikram Ul Haq Mirza
Life Insurance Analyst
State life is the largest life insurance company of Pakistan.It is the tested and the trusted friend of many happy and satisfied policy serve ecah and ecery pakistani belonging to different walks of life State Life has created many creative and innovative life insurance plans.Every Pakistani can select  a plan that suits his needs, requirements,status,targets and income levell.
A life insurance plan that suits me may not be as good for you and the plan that is suitable for you may not be as good for me. To suggest a suitable life insurance plan  i have to consider few factors.So i will request my distinguished visitors to please provide me following information.

Loading... Your age is very important.It is the age on the basis of which the cost of life insurance
(PREMIUM) is calculated.If you have planed to protect and secure your loved ones at an early age then naturaly the cost of premium will be low.Vice verse if you plan to purchase a life insurance policy at an advanced age then the cost of premium will be high.So please do not forget to tell me about your age.. Preferably do tell me about your Date Of Birth so that i can wish you a happy birth day. :) :) :)

Your family size
Loading...This is another very important factor in suggesting a suitable life insurance plan.Life insurance cover should be adequate enough to cover all the or most of the needs and requirements  in case the life proposed is gone.

Your monthly income
Loading...This information is also very important.The life proposed must be in a position to pay the premiums regularly.The income level should be in proportion to the sum assured.Life insurance is a is a strategy.The life proposed is going to run the policy for many years.So he must consider ups and downs in income level.

Amount of premium
Loading...How much you will like to pay to the State Life once in a year?The amount of premium is directly proportional to the amount of sum assured.The greater the sum assured the higher is the amount of premium.

Your targets/goals 
Loading...What you want to achieve after 20 years?How much you want to save in how many years.One of my clients asked me a me a simple question.He asked me i quote
"I want to get 10 millions after 20 years.How much premium i will have to pay each year for 20 years?
Very simple question but a great question. The right way to learn.

For inquires you can call me (IKRAM) now.
Lahore Pakistan 
email to >> Thanks

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