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Endowment Plan-state Life

We have received a very important call from from Mr. IImtiaz Bhatti sahib.he is a very enthusiastic, very  and dedicated regular visitor.We admire his knowledge about different innovative plans of state life.He wants to know more about Endowment assurance..In this post right now your life insurance analyst is going to discuss the same plan.
We hope our distinguished visitors will like it.
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Endowment assurance plan
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Let us first of all know little about this plan.This plan is a decent way of saving.It may yield four to five times of the sum assured.Please keep it in mind that so much generation of money is NOT guaranteed.That is why we are of the opinion that investment in state life policies is not RIBA or SOOD.So much generation is due to the growing business of the state life.It is a peculation.The state's life's business is growing day by day.With the increase in this business the state life is in a position to pay more and more bonus to it's policy holders.

  • It is a safest and surest method of guaranteed cash provisions either at the time of death or at a specified time.
  • It meets the requirements of a family whose bread earners income is not huge.
  • It may provide enough money at the when it is most needed.
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Now lets take an example.
Age of the life proposed 33 years
sum assured ONE Lac
Cost of premium per year with 15 % FIB =PKR 5756.00
Cost of premium per year with out FIB      =PKR 4983.00
if you purchase a policy of 3 lacs the state life is very pleased to give you a rebate of Rs0.50 per 1000 sum assured.


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