Monday, April 22, 2013

Elections 2013 and The State Life

Pakistan's General Election 2013 and the innovative offers of The State Life.
We have received an interesting email asking  me (the web administrator) whom life insurance analyst will like to vote.
Well i asked the same question to him.let us see how he responds?

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Life insurance    بیمه زند گی  zaroori nahi  بلکه bohat zaroori hay
Web Administrator

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 Life Insurance Analyst

Though the question is very simple and innocent,yet the answer is not that simple.The answer to the question requires a lot of research.But let me first of all declare that I am a professional sales man and I feel pride in being associated with The Sate Life.I am a professional sales man.I love to sell life insurance policies.Being a professional sales man I should not get involved in such controversial matters.

Being a professional sales man I have to deal with people belonging to different walks of life,caste creed and language.I have to arrange meeting with people having affiliation with different political scholl of thoughts.Hence i do not want to offend my visitors,clients and potential policy holders.
The blog has been created with a particular purpose and mission. The blog has been created to create awareness and to procure business on line.Yes the blog has been created to facilitate our guest visitors irrespective of caste,creed,religion and,region to  buy life insurance cover right from the comfort of their homes.

Our  message of life insurance and the offers of The State Life are for every citizen of Pakistan.Our message of life insurance is very clear.Our message is very loud.We are prepared and equipped to answer your queries.Please feel free to ask us.We feel pride when we reply your queries.

As far as the answer to the question is concerned I have always been of the view that
Just bow your head and peep into your heart and try to find out the answer to this question.
The rule is
Now what does

    Email your uestions >

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