Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jeevan Sathi-The State Life

"Jeevan Sathi" Assurance Plan and the State Life.

"Jeevan Sathi" Plan is best suited for those married couples who want to enjoy insurance coverage for a comparatively lesser premium. Moreover, housewives who are otherwise not insurable can also enjoy the benefits of insurance policy through this plan. 
Frequently Asked Questions related with this plan.

Q.What are the minimum and maximum ages  
A.Minimum Age at entry (Equivalent): 20 years
Maximum Age: 50 years
Equivalent Age (Maximum) on Maturity: 70 years
Q.can we make policy more valuable with the help of riders? 
A.The State Life encourages it's policy holders to make their policies more valuable with the help of riders. 
Q.Which supplementary contracts (riders) are available. 
Q.Do these supplementary contracts have maturity value.
A.A great question and i am delighted you asked this question. These supplementary contracts called riders enhance life insurance cover to many times.The cost of this enhanced life insurance coverage is very low and the risk is very high.So the amount spent on the purchase of this facility provides NO maturity value.
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