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Policy review-State Life Insurance

Your life insurance analyst also provides complimentary check up of your existing life insurance policies. And the good thing about this complementary check up is that it's not painful. It’s free. Yes its absolutely free.
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It’s a fact. That many of the life insurance policies are bought with the intention “get it and forget it”. Many of the policy holders do not pay much attention to the insurance contracts. The fact is that  your life insurance policy is a very valuable asset and should be treated as such. 
 Why your life insurance policy needs to be reviewed by a life insurance analyst?
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  • The bottom line is "You should get your life insurance policies reviewed regularly. You have every thing to gain and nothing to loose."
  • ·        May be your name has not been spelled properly. It needs to be corrected.
  • ·        The names of the beneficiaries may not be spelled correctly. It needs to be corrected.
    YOU can not afford
     to say "NO".
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  • ·        The beneficiary may have died. In case of death of the beneficiary the
  • policy holder should inform the insurer. His or her                                                                               
  • name should be replaced with the  name of another beneficiary.                                                                                  
  • ·        May be the type of the policy which you purchased years ago does not suit now. it must be updated according to the changed circumstances. May be sum assured needs to be reduced or increased accordingly.
  • ·        It is a truth that many of the policy holders are under insured. With the increase in income and with the increase in expenses life insurance policies should be updated.
  • ·        Some policy holders are not aware of the secrets. They do not know how a life insurance policy cab be made pore precious by paying extra premium. When their policy is reviewed they may prefer the addition of few supplementary contracts called “Riders”.
  • ·        Similarly some such attached riders may not be useful. May be they are not providing the best value of the money.
  • ·        When your policy is reviewed you can make it sure that you are paying lower premiums and getting better coverage. You will have more peace of mind that your family is well protected and secured.
  • ·        Many of the times it is a better option to get a package of two or three policies of different types and terms rather than a single policy of big amount. In this way the policy holder can manage his short term, mid term and log term needs and requirements. Whole life assurance plan can be a good option if you want to secure your loved ones adequately at a very low cost.
  • ·        If your policy is reviewed by an expert life insurance analyst then he may even give you few valuable suggestions to manage your precious life insurance documents.
  • The bottom line is "You should get your life insurance policies reviewed regularly. You have every thing to gain and nothing to loose."

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